mkiv technical articles

last updated 05/03/2004

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bpu    (basic performance upgrades)
& intake
downpipe photos
exhaust photos
exhaust sounds
downpipe installation
by dan marohl
cone filters test results! ( 1 )  ( 2 )
custom fitted apex'i air filter
by brian shoffner / shane duvall
apex'i air filter kit
k&n drop in air filter photos
k&n cone filter extension mod
by todd rafferty
k&n air filters catalog
air filter boxes
greddy bcc install & tune
highly recommended   by brian b. & brian b.
greddy boost cut controller(bcc) notes
by lance wolrab / david ruder
free fuel cut defencer (ffcd)
not recommended   by randy dellinger
hks fuel cut defencer (fcd)
not recommended   by william cruickshanks

electronic boost controllers(ebc) photos
new avc-r install instructions & basic tuning
by jeff lee & mani jayasinghe
new avc-r advanced tuning
by jeff lee
the new avc-r instructions manual
by mani jayasinghe
blitz dsbc electronic boost controller installation
by randy dellinger
blitz dsbc users manual
by roger gerl
wastegate bleeder t mod
by randy dellinger
manual boost controller
by jason knippel / randy dellinger
clamp mod
by peter w.
vsv bypass mod
by brian b.
vsv mod
turbo essentials
blitz new bov kit
turbo timers photos
hks turbo timer installation
by shaun tran / brian b.
blow-off valve photos
twin stock bov mod
spi boost gauge install
by randy dellinger

a-pillar photos install   by steve hayes 
a-pillar photos
bpu+    (basic performance upgrades plus)
adjustable cam gears install   by brian b.
adjustable cam gears photos
hks fmic type-s photos   by dusty / dan w. / hesham o.
greddy fmic install photos(for stock turbos)
by andi b.
bpu++    (basic performance upgrades plus plus)
fuel control photos - (afc,sfc,vpc/gcc & more)
  greddy e-manage fuel controller install   by steve v. & mohd a.
apexi afc install instructions
by steve v. & robert s.
apex’i itc installation
by robert s.
nos install photos
apu    (advanced performance upgrades)
  greddy e-manage fuel controller install
  fuel pumps testing   by david henry
fuel control(afc,sfc,vpc/gcc & more)
apexi afc install instructions
by steve v. & robert s.
apex’i itc install instructions
by robert s.
rps turbo kit photos & install
rps turbo kit photos
hks gt intercooler install photos
by willie yee
hks t04r install photos
by willie yee
hks twin turbo install photos
by reg riemer & benjamin treynor
hks single turbo install photos
by reg riemer
vpc install instructions
by nick p. & alan stanek
fuel system upgrade with 720 injectors
by nick p.
other mods / photos
the following articles cover general modifications to the mkiv supra.
4-Gauge Alternator Lead   by Alex G.
easy/inexpensive camera mount   by larry bryant
racelogic traction control installation   by derek w.
fuel bypass line mod
auto to 6spd transmission conversion   by mohd a.
trd twin clutch install translated    by akira o. & melvin peoples
fmic / radiator panel pics & install
egr mod's
removing trac butterfly
euro lights electronic beam adjustment   by dimitri keramidas
fog light mod   by doug moore
blitz power id installation instructions (excel, 77kb)   by scott h.
stillway shifter installation instructions   by chris romano
stock fan mod   by alan stanek
oil pressure sensor mod   by mani j.
indiglo gauge Install   by larry m.
polishing/cleaning the headlights   by huy vu, peter shieh, daniel cabuco
european hood scoop install   by ron lmbertson & piotr kapiszewski
bd short shifter photos   by peter w. & george datuashvili
doluck floor bruce photos   by nils
fluidyne radiator photos & catalog scan   by jeff hood
ettc mod   by jeff l.
trd stainless steel brake lines kit Install   by brian b.
veilside 6spd shift knob photos  by dave m.
cusco front & rear strut brace photos / install
custom built front grill   by todd rafferty & mark josewski
trd strut brace installation photos & translated instructions   by kirk
na supra direct port nos setup photos   by dan wilson
true twin turbo conversion (ttc) mod   by randy dellinger
12 volt fuel pump mod   by bryce danna & brian b.
ebv mod   by noel samuel & jason knippel
trac mod & speedlimiter mod
front brake cooling ducts mod   by randy dellinger
documented / recorded mechanical problems
click here to download the infamous 'death whine', the sound caused by failure of the 2nd turbo, or in few cases 1st turbo too (1mb, .wav format),  also here on a video.(0.14mb, .wmv format)
problem solvers
trac off light + mil + cruise control dropouts + no abs lamp   by john cribb
OBDII Code Eliminator after Removing VSV's  by Tom Cardone & Al Stanek
smoking burnt oil on start up? valve stem seal replacement on '93-'98 toyota supra turbo
need to reset your ecu?
failed lamp sensor fix   by john cribb
oxygen sensor simulator (for 96-98)   by george datuashvili
need a cup holder?
front end popping noise cure   by trevor f.
srs airbag light on or flashing?   by randy dellinger
rear hatch rattle fix   by mark josewski
targa top rattle fix   by mark josewski
other info
Fuel Pump Upgrade Guide   by  Jeff Lucius
tint removal   by aaron rountree
techtom obd1 reader
6-spd ratio info, v160 & v161 (excel, 75kb)   by lance w.
valve stem seal replacement on '93-'98 toyota supra turbo   by phil panas
coolant flush  by john cribb
how to replace spark plugs on supra twin turbo
how to replace spark plugs on supra na
read your spark plugs
suspension spring rates
rear wheel bearing replacement   by chris bergemann
clutch installation(6-spd)   by chris bergemann
lance alignment   by lance w.
jeff h. advice on brake pads   by jeff h.
read your supra vin number   by chris miller
6spd/luk dual-mass flywheel
getrag final answer about redLine d-4 question for the 6-spd transmission
6spd(v160) tranny repair   by carey morris
6–spd spec's
6-spd v161 article
supra alignment tech   by ben lew
valentine one user programmable features   by
obd-I engine diagnostic codes   by carey morris
obd-II engine diagnostic codes
how to dyno a supra tt   by jason knippel
supra microfiche
drag racing basics   by mark josewski
Removal of the Trac Pump & Trac Actuator 
manual resource
greddy fmic install - manual  by jonathan w.
93-95 repair - manual
hks afr - manual
hks type-1 turbo timer - manual
tein coilover - manual
philip long 2-step rev limiter install & tuning  - manual
blitz sbc-id manual - manual
greddy oil filter relocation kit photos - manual
field's sfc - manual
hks evc ez - manual
hks fmic type-s - manual
hks bov install sheet - manual
hks triple clutch - manual
hks hard pipes kit - manual  by brian b.
greddy profec-b - manual
greddy oil pressure gauge - manual
greddy 52mm boost gauge - manual
greddy egt install - manual
greddy turbo timer - manual
keyless entry manual - manual
keyless entry programing   by bryce danna   by bryce danna
96-97 keyless entry install - manual
1997 rs3000 security system install - manual
Parts Photos
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