Auto to 6spd Transmission Conversion
By Mohd A.

Last updated 2/7/2003

Auto   --> 6-spd


    This is a guide for Automatic to 6-speed transmission conversion for the 93-98 Supra Twin Turbo, with many installation photos. I'm assuming you already have the basic skills to remove and install transmissions, if not then get someone to help you. Most of the tools you will need are the basic transmission tools commonly used. Also each section will list all the parts needed to finish job. You may or may not have all the parts needed, check your parts before starting. I highly recommend the Toyota repair manuals for this job, Here are the steps according to the order I used,


  1. In Cabin Modification, Click Here.

  2. Raise & Secure the Supra car, Click Here.

  3. Removal of the Auto Transmission, Click Here.

  4. Modifying the Sub-Tunnel, Click Here.

  5. Installing the 6spd Transmission, Click Here.

  6. Removing & Installing Differential & its related parts, Click Here.

  7. Engine Optional Part, Drive Belt Tension Damper, Click Here.

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1) How much will this swap cost me?
    it can cost you from few hundred to few thousands dollars, it all depend if you get your parts new or used, The major cost is in the 6spd transmission, clutch system components & differential parts. Also depends if you hire someone to do the work or save the money and do it yourself, that's if you are up to the task.

2) How long will it take?
    it can be done in two days, a week or a month, all depend on your skills, tools, availability of all needed parts, and how much help you get to move on faster, I recommend to think it through and give yourself lots of time to get the project right, the extra time you give yourself will let you reflect on your work.

3) Can I use the auto differential?
Yes, but :-), the Auto differential ratio is 3.769, the 6spd differential ratio is 3.133, you will also need to use the auto drive shaft, and need to extend it, gets extended almost to the edge which gives it about an inch to hold on to the shaft,
this is how it would look if its in a normal setup (not extended), as you can see, its up to you to decide if its safe or not.

if your planning on permanently using the Auto differential then find a used 6spd front dive shaft. it will be safer in the long run and will fit like stock.

I did drive my 6spd supra for few weeks on the auto differential, the gears felt very short, the Speedo was about 15-10 miles off, the Engine temperature was a littlie above normal, 1st gear was useless, 6spd gear on the highway could not give me a good speed without pushing the rpm higher, in return poor gas mileage,  in general I hated how it felt, I recommend strongly the 6spd differential, Also if you do get a Japanese spec 6spd differential it will be about 3.26.


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