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This ‘Immaculate’ JDM Mazda RX-7 Had Its Dark Past Revealed by a Forum

It always pays to check a car’s history before you lay down the cash.
— Read on Site Update Status

The goal when we took over a few years ago was to revitalize the site and foster member engagement and keep the site relevant and useful for the Supra community. There have been some ups and downs and quite a steep learning curve.

We initially moved the site to a new pro bono host in the Supra community and set to work on the functionality of the site. It became clear pretty quickly that the web designer contracted by the previous owner wouldn’t be available to make the repairs and updates to the site. We contemplated going back to the old site framework. We determined that the WordPress platform gives us the functionality necessary to have user interaction and the ability to have multiple contributors adding, editing and updating articles.

After some time, the pro-bono host had a change in business focus and we had to search for a new host. We found a host who specializes in WordPress hosting and transferred the site. Since then, we have been working (albeit slowly) on fixing functionality (as users report errors) and doing the groundwork to add new features.

A few months ago, the site was hacked and went down. We worked to get site back up. Despite many anti-malware and spam tools, we recently realized that the theme that had been used was still harboring some suspect code. It was a good (and necessary) opportunity to replace the site theme.

Based on feedback, we’ve changed theme and are working on making the site more user friendly and giving it a look and feel more familiar long time users while still keeping and improving the current functionality. We are still working out a few bugs with the new theme but they should be resolved in the near future.

As we near our 20th year as a website and resource, we look forward to help make and keep this site relevant and useful for many more Supra owner generations to come.

Sincerely, Admin Team

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Update (July 15th):

Afternooon all!
As you may have seen, we have the site running on the new theme. However we are still having some issues with old code fouling up the menu functions, etc. 

In the next few days we’re are going to be doing a full reinstall, so there may be some downtime while we’re working on the repairs.

If the site is down, please check this post on our Facebook Page for updates. Update Status

Supra Slideshow: A Few Supra Videos From Around the Internet

black supra

Here are a few Supra Slideshow Videos from around YouTube.
If you  know of a great photo slideshow, post it in the comments or on the FaceBook page.

The first two here are from MKIV member:  Alvaro Davila
They are two slideshows of his brother’s Supra along with a few other cars.

The rest of these I found on youtube.
Let me know if there are other’s you’ve found!



And a few from around the Internet:

Obsessing Over the Supra Search! AHHHHHH!

silver supra

Have you done this?

The search for a MKIV Supra can be completely consuming.  I am looking for another low-mile Supra to put next to THIS ONE and it is completely consuming me.
Im checking the forums, eBay, classifieds sites – everywhere – about every 2 hours.
Have you been in this boat?

Have you totally obsessed over the search?
Why is it, when we’re ready to pull the trigger, that all the Supras that fit our criteria vanish?
Now that I’m seriously looking, I can’t find a single car that fits what I want.

Have you been totally consumed by the search to where it dominates your thoughts for the entire day?
Is it because the supply of cars that we’d be proud to own is diminishing??  Or are Supra lovers, by nature, obsessive and crazy? 🙂

I’d love to hear about your obsession in the comments or on the FACEBOOK PAGE

Please make me feel normal 🙂


Favorite Supra Picture? Show Yours!

We all have a favorite Supra image stored on our computer/laptop/tablet.
For some of us, this image is our background.

I know, like me, the members of have a huge folder of Supra photos on their computer – and they always go back to
a select 4 or 5 that are their all time favorites.

To keep this short…

I want to see what your favorite all time MKIV Supra photo is.
It’s easiest to reply via Facebook — so visit the Facebook page (linked on the right sidebar).

It can be found here:

If you haven’t joined – please do and then show us your favorite image ever.
You can also link a photo in the comments section.

I’m eager to see what photo(s) are your obsessions!

I have one that I’ve always liked – it’s a bone stock QS that I used to own:


– Aron

Wingless MKIV Supra = Ferrari 599?

On more than one occasion, I’ve heard a person reference how similar a wingless Supra and a Ferrari 599 look.
Now, there isn’t a person alive that would confuse a 20 year old Toyota Supra with Ferrari’s 599 which approaches $500,000 in GTO form.

But, after some side by side photo comparisons, I actually DO see it.
The side profiles are very similar.  The view from the side/rear looks similar as well.

What do you think?
I posted a few photos below to show the comparison.
I am in NO WAY implying that Ferrari stole/borrowed/copied the Supras design.  However, I don’t think anyone would be shocked if I said this car pictured below is the new 2015 MKV Supra.
The Ferrari 599 actually does look like a more modern Supra, to me at least.

What do you think?

They DO look similar, to me. Granted, the 599 has a few hundred thousand dollars and 20 years of refinement on the Supra.

– Aron

Give Us This Day Our Daily Boost

Hello everyone! My name is James Lorge, I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and I own (well, at least 1/3…the bank owns the rest) a 1998 Imperial

Jade Mica 6-speed. I purchased the car with 56,668 miles on August 28th 2010 from the original owner. The car actually comes with a few funny stories but I’ll get into those later.

The day I bought the car. Previous owner sitting in the driver’s seat about to take me for a ride.

Drove the car back from Jacksonville, FL to my home in NJ. I hope to use this blog to discuss my experiences with the Supra and the Supra community in general. I won’t bore you guys with boring details but in my ownership of the car I’ve added a boost controller, speed4sale BCC on a field’s harness I got from MVP, Mishimoto EatSleepRace Edition FMIC, SSR Integral GT1’s, and H&R lowering springs. Here are progress pictures from oldest to newest.Then I traded for stock wheelsI then did the lowering springs and FMIC

I then traded the stock wheels for SSR’s plus cash and these pictures were taken by a friend of mine just a few days ago.I’m talking to another friend of mine that is a photographer that wants to do a shoot of my car as well so I’ll be sure to post them up when that’s done.