Wingless MKIV Supra = Ferrari 599?

On more than one occasion, I’ve heard a person reference how similar a wingless Supra and a Ferrari 599 look.
Now, there isn’t a person alive that would confuse a 20 year old Toyota Supra with Ferrari’s 599 which approaches $500,000 in GTO form.

But, after some side by side photo comparisons, I actually DO see it.
The side profiles are very similar.  The view from the side/rear looks similar as well.

What do you think?
I posted a few photos below to show the comparison.
I am in NO WAY implying that Ferrari stole/borrowed/copied the Supras design.  However, I don’t think anyone would be shocked if I said this car pictured below is the new 2015 MKV Supra.
The Ferrari 599 actually does look like a more modern Supra, to me at least.

What do you think?

They DO look similar, to me. Granted, the 599 has a few hundred thousand dollars and 20 years of refinement on the Supra.

– Aron

One Response to Wingless MKIV Supra = Ferrari 599?

  1. warren says:

    Ferrari, Aston Martin,Maserati and Jaguar in my opinion have certainly emulated the Supra design. These companies realize the Supra’s clean lines and timeless look plus the ability to reach speeds close to 200mph are difficult to top. Recently I parked my white bone stock 95 Supra next to 2013 white Maserati coupe. The owner thought Toyota copied his Maserati until I told him my car was a 95 model. The DB9 coupe is another copycat. I live in So Fla so I see all the highend cars on a daily basis and am approached literally every day by these particular owners asking me if my car is for sale. The most common answer I get when I ask them why is they know that the Supra has a cult sort of reputation and they know their cars are pretty much a dime a dozen in So Fla but the Supras are difficult to locate

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