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Hello everyone! My name is James Lorge, I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and I own (well, at least 1/3…the bank owns the rest) a 1998 Imperial

Jade Mica 6-speed. I purchased the car with 56,668 miles on August 28th 2010 from the original owner. The car actually comes with a few funny stories but I’ll get into those later.

The day I bought the car. Previous owner sitting in the driver’s seat about to take me for a ride.

Drove the car back from Jacksonville, FL to my home in NJ. I hope to use this blog to discuss my experiences with the Supra and the Supra community in general. I won’t bore you guys with boring details but in my ownership of the car I’ve added a boost controller, speed4sale BCC on a field’s harness I got from MVP, Mishimoto EatSleepRace Edition FMIC, SSR Integral GT1’s, and H&R lowering springs. Here are progress pictures from oldest to newest.Then I traded for stock wheelsI then did the lowering springs and FMIC

I then traded the stock wheels for SSR’s plus cash and these pictures were taken by a friend of mine just a few days ago.I’m talking to another friend of mine that is a photographer that wants to do a shoot of my car as well so I’ll be sure to post them up when that’s done.

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