Favorite Supra Picture? Show MKIV.com Yours!

We all have a favorite Supra image stored on our computer/laptop/tablet.
For some of us, this image is our background.

I know, like me, the members of MKIV.com have a huge folder of Supra photos on their computer – and they always go back to
a select 4 or 5 that are their all time favorites.

To keep this short…

I want to see what your favorite all time MKIV Supra photo is.
It’s easiest to reply via Facebook — so visit the MKIV.com Facebook page (linked on the right sidebar).

It can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMKIV

If you haven’t joined – please do and then show us your favorite image ever.
You can also link a photo in the comments section.

I’m eager to see what photo(s) are your obsessions!

I have one that I’ve always liked – it’s a bone stock QS that I used to own:


– Aron

One Response to Favorite Supra Picture? Show MKIV.com Yours!

  1. Walt says:

    Just posted my green ’97 on FB page

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