Obsessing Over the Supra Search! AHHHHHH!

silver supra

Have you done this?

The search for a MKIV Supra can be completely consuming.  I am looking for another low-mile Supra to put next to THIS ONE and it is completely consuming me.
Im checking the forums, eBay, classifieds sites – everywhere – about every 2 hours.
Have you been in this boat?

Have you totally obsessed over the search?
Why is it, when we’re ready to pull the trigger, that all the Supras that fit our criteria vanish?
Now that I’m seriously looking, I can’t find a single car that fits what I want.

Have you been totally consumed by the search to where it dominates your thoughts for the entire day?
Is it because the supply of cars that we’d be proud to own is diminishing??  Or are Supra lovers, by nature, obsessive and crazy? 🙂

I’d love to hear about your obsession in the comments or on the FACEBOOK PAGE

Please make me feel normal 🙂


2 Responses to Obsessing Over the Supra Search! AHHHHHH!

  1. Chris McMechan says:

    I completely understand every 30 min to an hour I’m checking any site I can for my perfect supra. It completely takes over lol.

  2. Paul says:

    I vote for obsessive! I have three cars. A 1997 Big Single stroker show car, a 1996 looks stock but level 10 auto and big single turbo, and a 1994 6sp with a HKS twin setup 48,000 km…. so yes I think we obsess!!

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