Wastegate Bleeder T mod

Bleeder T mod

To create more boost than stock (11psi). With this mod on a stock Supra, expect about
15-17 psi of boost, which is about 60-70 HP!
do the BCC before doing this mod to
prevent fuel cut!

Parts Required:
two 1/4″x1/4″x1/4″ vacuum Ts (available at auto parts stores), knife,
2″ long 1/4″ diameter hose (optional).
Time Required:
5 minutes.
How it Works: By bleeding off air from the actuator, the wastegate stays closed longer, which
builds more boost than stock.
Disclaimer: This modification puts additional stress on the turbos, clutch, transmission,
etc. These components may wear out prematurely. Obviously this modification will
void your warranty (however, it is easily reversible). A boost gauge is essential to
monitor boost levels. The general consensus is that you should not run more than around 18
psi on a regular basis.



1. Locate the black, 6″ hose that goes from the vsv to the
brass actuator. Figure 1 shows the general location: front, left side of the engine bay,
just above the alternator.
2. Figure 3 shows a close up. Cut hose 2 in half. Insert a
vacuum T (fig. 2) into the two hose ends that were just created by cutting.
Note: there are two ways to insert
the vacuum T:

As in fig. 4 (this is the
classic method, creates approx. 15psi on a stock motor).

As in fig. 5 (this creates
additional 1-2 psi of boost because most of the airflow coming out of the actuator goes
straight thru the open end of the T). I recommend using a a Manual Boost Controller
to limit boost if this method is used.

Note: An
alternate/better way is to disconnect hose 2 from the actuator. Connect a 2″ long,
1/4″ diameter hose to the actuator. Connect hose 2 to this new 2″ hose via the
vacuum T. This method doesn’t require cutting the factory hose, making it easier to put
the car back to stock condition.
3. If desired, attach a 12′ long 1/4″ diameter hose to the
open end of the T (as shown if fig. 3) and run hose into the cockpit (if desired). A
simple valve can be attached to this hose that can be used as a Manual Boost Controller.
4. To gain approx. one more psi of boost, cut hose 1 in half and
insert a T (fig. 6). Note that you can’t use this in conjunction with the Manual Boost Controller
unless you run another hose and valve off this T as well. On my car, I just keep the T on
hose 1 capped unless I go to the drag strip.

Note: some people
have found that 1/4″ vacuum Ts aren’t tight enough. If a hose blows off the T then
use a 5/16″ T instead, and/or consider using hose clamps.

To create the maximum amount of boost (for the drag strip,
etc.), simply disconnect hoses 1 and 2.

vsv2.JPG (14837 bytes) Fig. 1


vacuumt.jpg (8316 bytes)

Fig. 2


 vsv1.JPG (31918 bytes)

Fig. 3


tconfig1.jpg (12135 bytes)

Fig. 4


tconfig2.jpg (18229 bytes)

Fig. 5


vsv3.JPG (32161 bytes)

Fig. 6


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