Vpc install instructions

HKS VPC Install Instructions

to Hard Wire the HKS VPC?



This tech tip focuses on the basic install of the vpc & not tuning.


Phillips screwdriver, sildenafil 12mm socket wrench, Needle nose
pliers, 10mm & 12mm flat wrench, Some zip ties, a small T, & a razor.



bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

Here is everything that comes w/ the VPC – spent $950 w/
single turbo prom.
The stock MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor will be removed. Put
tape on the connector for the MAF & secure it
somewhere. It will no longer
be used. If you dont know where the MAF is, then you shouldnt be doing this mod!


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

You need to remove the scuff plate on the passengers side,
one black
snap (on the scuff plate), two phillips head snaps holding
the carpet down
on the kickboard. Remove the kickboard using a 12 socket
(2) 12mm nuts.


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

Disconnect the wiring
from the ecu, plug the vpc harness in…cake


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

This is the vpc temperature probe


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

This is the stock gas filter, we need to remove it &
place the
temp probe here – its right next/below to the turbo
pressure sensor


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

Here is the stock gas filter removed from the intake


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

This fitting replaces the gas filter. Screws right in w/ no
See the vaccum hose next to the fitting – this vaccum hose
will be
disconnected, pull the hose from under the intake manifold,
it will
later be used in a T


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

Now screw in the temp probe


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

The vaccum hose that used to be on the temp probe is out of
the picture, the nipple next to the temp probe will go to a
explained in the pic below. The other end is explained in
pic after the next.


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

The vaccum hose from the power steering is disconnected,
  this is
where our pressure sensor will be plumbed to. The power
vaccum hose (just disconnected from the nipple on the
intake manifold)
will go to a T. The other end of the T will be run up the
intake  manifold
to the white T pictured earlier. Remember the hose we
disconnected next
to the temperature sensor? This hose is connected to the
3rd part of the T


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

Here is a closeup of the vaccum hoses by the temp sensor.
Your vaccum hoses to the left of the T may have a different
arrangement because my EVC pressure sensor & HKS BOV
are plumbed to the stock T (far left) – so if your setup
different left of the white T – dont worry about it.


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

Here is the turbo pressure sensor connected to where the
power steering
vaccum previously resided (yellow hose). See the T? The
hose pointing
left is the power steering vaccum hose, the blue hose
pointing up is going
to the white T pictured  earlier. The black vaccum
hose pointing down
is the hose off the nipple next to the temp probe. Did that
make sense?
Read it a couple times slowly 🙂


to Hard Wire the HKS VPC

1200 ohm resistor can be also connected from the MAF harness, much easier to
install that way.

VPC unit
dsc00221.jpg (327685 bytes)


Inside look
dsc00218.jpg (154124 bytes)


Dip Switches for the MKIV
dsc00219.jpg (176099 bytes)


VPC Prom for auto (AT), Stock
dsc00220.jpg (174588 bytes)


supra_su.gif (5342 bytes)


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