Trd strut brace installation photos & translated instructions

TRD Front Strut Tower Brace
Installation Photos

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TRD Front Strut Tower
Brace Translated Instructions

When I received my TRD front strut tower brace,
I was ecstatic. The form and finish was spectacular. But once I checked out the
instruction manual, I knew I was in for quite an adventure, since it was
completely in Japanese !
Luckily I work with someone who is fluent in Japanese. Thanks goes to Hirota-san
for translating this installation manual. It’s not a complete translation, but
all the pertinent stuff is here.
NOTE: Any comments I have added are embedded [in brackets]
below. Please use this as a helpful guideline – there is no guarantee to the
accuracy of this translation, and you must take the full responsibility for your
own installation.

*** PAGE ONE ***


TRD Racing Development 53607-JA810
TRD Racing Sporty Driving
Strut Tower Bar Mounting
& Handling Instruction Paper

Part Numbers and Applicable Models

Part Number Type Model Year Notes
53607-JA810 Supra JZA80 All Turbo ONLY


No. Item Quantity Description
1 Tower Bar 1 “Made with Steel”
2 Washer 2 0.9mm thick
3 Washer 4 1.6mm thick
4 Instructions 1 n/a

[Note, I also received 4 lock washers which I used in
conjunction with Item #3]

Cautions when Installing

  • “Please make sure the tower bar does not interfere with
    other parts”
  • “Do not tear the parts”
  • “Use ONLY with Supra Turbo”

*** PAGE TWO ***
Mounting Instructions

  1. Remove the three nuts and plate from each front suspension
    support. The plates you remove will NOT be used. The nuts will be
  2. Mount the tower bar with the “4 hole” side to the
    left side of the car. See the diagram. Place the correct washers
    between the suspension support and the tower bar. [Basically,
    make sure the TRD logo is on the driver’s side of the car (assuming
    you have a standard US left-hand-drive car of course), and use the
    thin washers on the outboard positions on each strut. I also
    installed the four “extra” lock washers above the tower
    brace and below the nuts.]
  3. Install and torque the nuts to 365 kgf x cm. [This
    translates to roughly 26.4 ft lbs of torque]

[Special note: My 1997 Supra had an ignitor module mounted
directly on the driver’s side strut tower – this would NOT re-install in it’s
original location once the brace was installed. I solved this by relocating the
ignitor module towards the master brake cylinder side, and attached it to one of
the suspension studs with the existing nut]

Cautions when Installing

  • “Please make sure the tower bar does not interfere with
    other parts”
  • “Do not tear the parts”
  • “Use ONLY with Supra Turbo”

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