temp 3 in 1

Multi Temp Gauge

    I saved myself
over $200+ by making my 60mm Greddy temp gauge read countless
temp sensors around the car, I bought a rotary switch and installed it between
the temp gauge and all my sensors (coolant, oil, tranny), with a flip of a
I can read whichever sensor I want, and get its Peak and Warning,,,,I can even
add as much as I want of temp sensors around the car,,,if I get really crazy I
might get a reading of my differential :-)….if I get air temp sensors then I
might be able to read before & after the intercooler temps, the limits are
endless…you save so much room on the dash,,,one gauge will do the job of
many…my rotary switch got a 4th position that is empty,, I can use it in the
future by just adding another sensor…

Here is a brake down of the price difference is MSRP,
180 (Gauge) + 180 (Gauge) + 180 (Gauge) = $540
180 (Gauge + sensor) + 60 (temp sensor) + 60 (temp sensor) + ~25 (switch) = $325

Temp gauge on the left, 60mm
dsc01603.jpg (156635 bytes)  
dsc01604.jpg (150401 bytes)

   dsc01608.jpg (108033 bytes)


Switch under the dash on the
left side
dsc01605.jpg (75853 bytes)  
dsc01607.jpg (195343 bytes)


4 position switch Installed
& Custom Harnesses
dsc01594.jpg (96244 bytes)  
dsc01595.jpg (156090 bytes)

dsc01596.jpg (64693 bytes)  
dsc01597.jpg (186197 bytes)


Greddy Oil Filter Block Adaptor
for Oil Temp & Pressure
dsc01562.jpg (72070 bytes)  
dsc01563.jpg (70363 bytes)

dsc01564.jpg (89614 bytes)  
dsc01565.jpg (75767 bytes)

dsc01566.jpg (95088 bytes)  
dsc01567.jpg (87342 bytes)

dsc01568.jpg (114458 bytes)   
dsc01569.jpg (79802 bytes)

dsc01570.jpg (76055 bytes)  
dsc01571.jpg (115614 bytes)

dsc01599.jpg (72925 bytes)  
dsc01600.jpg (95944 bytes)

dsc01601.jpg (123183 bytes)  
dsc01602.jpg (159905 bytes)


Coolant Sensor Taped into the Coolant
U pipe
dsc01598.jpg (131508 bytes)


Cant Tap? Use This
Coolant Pipe Adaptor from Greddy….


Fitting for the Auto Tranny Sensor,
Found at Hardware Stores, 3/8 fittings…
dsc01610.jpg (81343 bytes)  
dsc01611.jpg (76573 bytes)


Don’t Forget to Use Teflon Tape
on each Pipe Thread ending!…



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