Supra Videos

I’ll try to add to this periodically.
Here is a collection of Supra videos from around the Internet that the users of MKIV like.

If this video doesn’t make you want to buy a supra, or drive the one you have – you might not like the rest of šŸ™‚

Toyota Supra North America Sales Training Video

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2 Responses to Supra Videos

  1. EC says:

    If you go to youtube, there’s one called “Supra from hell”. It’s a white Supra at night. They start out by saying, “lag, lag, lag…”. It’s a hilarious video because the car is out of sight in like 3 seconds.

  2. Paul says:

    I love these videos they bring back memories ….i love to race motorcycles they just do not expect what they get!!

    Mine are:
    1994 6 sp HKS Twin turbos set up silver beauty (project to add HKS stroker, euro lights and scoop)
    1996 Level 10 automatic HKS TO4R single sweet red (euro scoop and lights) and ccw fat tires 315s rear
    1997 6 sp HKS stroker 3.4 L TO4R single red euro scoop and lights and CCW fat tires 315s rear
    Looking for a nice 1998 too…..

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