Srs airbag light on or flashing?

How to turn off
the airbag light

Disconnecting the connector behind the upper dash piece where the
odometer is located while the ignition key is turned on will result in the airbag light
staying on.

Here’s how to turn it off :

Go under the hood and open the diagnostic cap located on the
passenger-side near the firewall (see photo). Look for AB & TC.
Make two plugs with wire to fit into these connectors. With the ignition key turned to the
ON position alternate the two wires to the
negative terminal of the battery. They need to be done in a
consistent rhythm, about one second apart. TC,AB,TC,AB,TC,AB… This needs to be done
several times. If you can’t get it to work, try adjusting the speed. It is helpful to have
someone look at the airbag light while performing this to let you know when the light goes

diagnostic.jpg (24006 bytes)


supra_su.gif (5342 bytes)


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