Oem rim widened

OEM 17×9.5 Widened
to 17×11.5


oem_mkiv_rim_widened.jpg (62938 bytes)

Vaughn Machine (California) (626)358-6413
did my widening, and the
quality of their work is outstanding.  They widened my oem rear rims
from 9.5″ to 11.5″.

The 1″ spacers that I need to use with these modified rims I got from:

, which are also excellent
quality.  I ordered ‘adapter/spacers’ with lugs in the spacers so all I
had to do was to bolt the spacer to the rotor, and then bolt the
modified rim to the spacer.  This was a lot easier than installing
longer lug bolts, which is the only other way to run a thick spacer.

The total cost of the project, including the cost of the spacers and
shipping the rims to Vaughn was about $750.

FYI: Here’s another place that I’ve heard also widens rims:
The Wheel Shoppe
11357 Eight Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48089


In retrospect, it may have been possible to get oem front rims widened
from 8″ to 11.5″, but then you’d have to run a thicker spacer (I believe
one and three quarters inches thick).  The reason I say this is because
I ended up having to buy a whole other set of rims, just so I could run
unwidened rear rims on the front of my supra (I also had to modify my
front brake calipers to do this).  If you got your *front* rims widened
from 8″ to 11.5″, then you could just move the rear rims to the front to
get this setup, and you wouldn’t have to buy another set of rims.  I
don’t know anyone that has actually done this, but it should be possible
in theory.

Phil ’94 T-71R / E6K
Displacement is no replacement for … BOOST!

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