New abflug body kit – supra conclusion model

AB Flug Supra
Conclusion Model(S900)

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We got this email from Abflug
about their new kit “S900″


We are so happy to announce you that our latest body kit for Supra has been
just gone on the market and the kit is available at the following price
respectively. ( Please note that the Supra equiped the following parts and
ultimate power 900bhp has been named ” S900 ” by us. It’s just for
your reference.)

[S900 Body Parts] unit : Japanese Yen

-Front Bumper & Spot light kit 120,000

-Front Over Fender kit 100,000

-Grim light kit 120,000

-Door Panel 100,000

-Side Skirt 80,000

-Rear Spoiler 70,000

-Rear Over Fender kit 120,000

-Rear Bumper Spoi0ler 100,000

-Door Mirror 36,000

-Carbon Inner fender kit 40,000

-Carbon Rectify fin for FBS 12,000

-Carbon Rear Under Diffuser 65,000

-Head light eyeline 9,800

-Cooling Bonnet & Pin 115,000


Total 1,087,800 yen (about US$10,500)

[Engine Parts]

– 3.1 liter full tuned 2JZ Engine + HKS T51R Kai turbo, managed by
Abflug Spl.

– Computer Fuel Managing System. (Total 5mil yen)

– Titanium Ultimate Ex System ( 0.8mil yen)


– Abflug Special Suspension System featuring HKS ( 0.25mil yen )

* This suspension system is applicable over 200mile/h and flexible in town
use. The name is ECS-2.

[Tire & Wheel]

– Abflug Original Wheel ” PRISM” and P-Zero C tires. (0.8mil yen)

I hope the above satisfy you and as you may be aware, you should think about
the freight separatedly.

Best Regards,

Jun Noguchi

Vice President

Abflug Co.


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  1. Brent Briley says:

    Im looking for the suspension that is for this. My Supra has the same body kit

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