Mohd tmp clutch_hydraulic_line_conversion

Stainless Steel
Clutch Hydraulic line Conversion

    I swapped my Auto
tranny with the 6spd, during that process I had to install the hydraulics
for the clutch, I decided instead of using the factory hardware, I will
use a 48 inch stainless steel line -3 instead, the factory hardware is
over $100+, the SS lines with its hardware was about ~$50 (bought it
locally), plus it was an easy install. I have driven other supras with
heavy duty clutches and I have to say the clutch pedal was very heavy, I
know the pressure is related to how stiff the pressure plate is, but I
think the factory rubber line ballooning effect the efficiency of the
hydraulic system (same ideas as the SS brake lines)…with the SS line the
power get pin pointed to the pressure plate instead to other areas. My
experience with my setup is the clutch pedal is softer then the other
modified supras I have driven, I’m using it with it a stage 3 clutch
masters pressure plate. I would like to get feedback from others that
might have done this setup.


Here are few photos of my install,


  • Here is a good site to order the
    parts needed,


  • Here is the part list if your are
    interested in this mod,

    1) ONE Teflon Hydraulic Pressure Hose -3, #63010140, 40 inch, $19.36

    I used a 48 inch line, which is a littlie more then what I need, I
    couldn’t find
    on that site any 48 inch, so the 40 inch might do.

    2) TWO Banjo , 3 AN, 10mm, 997603, $7.47 each
    3) TWO Banjo Bolt , 10mm x1.0 Single, 977517, $4.36 each (I think they do
    come with the two washers)

    You can also use the screws and washers from when you installed the trd
    brake lines, you can just reuse the 2 brake screws and the 4 copper
    washers if they are still good condition, that should save you $9….
    4) And DOT4 brake fluid.


  • Make sure to adjust your clutch
    pedal for maximum efficiency and comfort.


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