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This mod will adjust your European Headlights Beam Height on the
Vertical Position.

All 6 lights adjust up or down according to driver preference, used

in Europe extensively when increased weight is carried in the trunk of the

vehicle. In this case driver has the ability to adjust his beams

in order not to blind the coming vehicles. My purpose of using it, is

because I drive a lot at night, when traffic is limited to none, I can

adjust my lights a little bit higher than normal, so I can have a more

pleasant and less tiring trip (more light on the road).

Cons – I cannot think of something,
except abuse and either way, you (the

driver) can lower your beams in case you forgot them in an upper position,

since the coming drivers are going to notify you immediately (by flashing

the high beams).

Adjustment Capability
– The beams can move about 8 inches in height, when vehicle is facing a wall
at the distance of 6 feet. Significant adjustment

if one takes into consideration that on 100 feet distance the difference

can light up the trees if needed.

Needed tools and hardware

  • 3 male connectors (6 – 10 pins)

  • 18 male pins (make them 30, is
    good to have some extras)

  • 3 female connectors (6 – 10 pins)

  • 18 female pins (make them 30, is
    good to have some extras)

  • 1 rotary switch (at least 4

  • Wires of the following colors:

  • Length of each wire should be 14
    feet and gauge 16-18.

  • Harness protective sleeve 14 feet.

  • A decent looking knob, so it
    doesn’t disturb the vehicle instrument panel harmony.


  • Parts.JPG (81510 bytes)

We are
fabricating the following schematic

Install Photos

SwitchKnob.JPG (52421 bytes)

ConnectorPinsWires.JPG (64798 bytes)

HeadlampConnector.JPG (43026 bytes)

Headlight.JPG (88362 bytes)

SwitchConnector2.JPG (80523 bytes)

SwitchConnector3.JPG (80998 bytes)

Interior.JPG (67449 bytes)

SideHarness.JPG (46902 bytes)

ConnectorOnHeadlight.JPG (95496 bytes)

Harness.JPG (94611 bytes)

For power, we can use power from the
lighter, clock or any switched +12v. The circuit doesn’t have current while
resting on a certain position,

only when you change levels. The ideal is to
get power from the headlight switch relay, so your switch works only when
your headlights are on.

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