Lifting the Supra

– You will need to

raise the car about 2
feet in the air to give yourself room to work comfortably.

– Best to use (x4) 6 Ton jacks, they can
support the car weight easily, and support it to the desired height. About
$30 for two.

– You will need some sort of wooden Blocks
to help the hydraulic jack to raise your supra to the desired height.

– I decided to put the front jacks under
the engine support, instead of the side frame, that gave me more flexibility to
work around the transmission area.

– I used smaller jacks in the back (I
didn’t have another set of the 6ton jack), they worked, but the transmission did
not exactly clear the body of the car, with some effort I was able to clear it.
I still recommend the (x4) 6ton jacks instead.

– it will get messy, so make sure to get
enough room around your car, I used a two car garage.

– You will need all the basic and non
basic tools, look through my install page & your
Toyota repair manual
and notice what tools you need to complete this project.

– I recommend a transmission jack if
available, Comes handy.

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