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Here’s a few photos of some engine bits I
just had coated at Polydyn here
in Houston. I was really impressed with the prep work they did, and the
final product. It was also amazingly affordable – the price is pretty
high for just one piece, but the more pieces you have in your job, the
more the price drops. I had the following pieces done (exterior and
interior) for less than $500:

Upper oil pan
Cam covers
Oil pump housing & gears
Plenum & intake manifold
Throttle body
Water pump suction fitting
Turbo oil return fitting

Notice the oil pump housing – they did an oil shed coating (PTFE) in the
oil passages, but an oil attracting coating (Moly based) in the pump
cavity itself, along with a corrosion protection, thermal barrier
coating (TBC) on the rest of the surfaces.

All coating was done without disturbing the OEM gasket surfaces (they
have some excellent masking people there)!!

Cam cover interiors were done with the same PTFE based oil shed coating,
while the exteriors were done with a high temp TBC – hopefully to keep
some heat away from the coil packs. I had to remove the baffles from the
cam covers, but this was only a 30 minute job of drilling through the

The throttle body was completely coated with their PTFE oil shed
coating. This might be a bit of a challenge to reassemble – I’ll let you
know how it goes.

Not shown are the intake plenum and manifold – interiors were coated
with the PTFE stuff, and exteriors with the same silver TBC that’s on
the oil pump.

I’ll have the fuel rail coated as well, after I have it bored a bit &
modified with some AN fittings, and possibly a new port for a Bosch
pulsation dampener.

Head will be done too, as soon as it comes back from the head builder.

Exhaust manifold will be done after it’s port-matched to the head.
Turbine housing will be done as well.

Piston skirts and crowns have been coated, as well as mains & rod
bearings, but these were done by the engine builder for my account.

Guess you could say I’m a real PolyDyn person now.. we’ll see how well
it all holds up.





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