Installation of the 6spd Sub-Tunnel

– Before we install the 6spd transmission
we will need to replace the auto sub-tunnel with the 6spd sub-tunnel, the 6spd
transmission sits few inches higher, the 6spd sub-tunnel will clear the tranny.

– Here is a Diagram from the toyota body
repair manual showing the differences in both sub tunnels. Notice how the generic cialis auto
sub tunnel is flat, and how the 6spd sub tunnel rises few inches.

– You will need the following parts from
Toyota, shown
in this diagram in a circle,

– You will also need the top square marked part shown
in this diagram,

– Start by removing the driver seat,
e-brake, center console parts, radio and the auto shifter, you want to clear as
many parts as possible.

– Remove the ABS sensor from above the
auto sub-tunnel and modify it as shown in these pictures so it can fit the 6spd

– Next remove the bracket holding the
e-brake, this will clear the area for the new 6spd sub-tunnel it fit in easier,
if you remove the carpet you will notice the spot welds, you basically need to
get a drill bit that is bigger then the spot welds, find all the spots and drill

– Now almost all the welds are gone, but
the parts is still holding in, get under the car and start removing the rubber
holding the bracket in, Also you will need to work the top of the bracket to
brake it off or cut it with a Dremel,

– This is how it should look when your

– Now you will cut the sub-tunnel, you
will need a jigsaw, notice from the top of the auto sub-tunnel how the outline
is easily shown, it extends all the way to under the radio, so make sure to
clear all the wires before cutting, you will need to use your drill to make a starting point
for your jigsaw, I started from the top tell I get close to the dash, then I
finished the rest from under the car.

– This how it should look after your done
with the cutting,

– You need to modify the 6spd sub-tunnel,
why? The 6spd sub-tunnel is a unversal part that fit left and right hand drive
supras, basically it have two threads on each side for the e-brake, cut the side
you don’t need (that’s the passenger side that need to be cut), this part will
fit better and easier with this modification,

– This is how it should look after its
been cut

– Here are the parts I cut off,

– Now test fit the new 6spd sub-tunnel,
insert it from under the car and upwards, make sure it have a good fit, do any
modification to achieve that, you want it to fit in snugly, Also you want the 2
e-brake threads to align with the e-brake, I had to use my Dremel to widen the
holes to get the screws to reach the sub-tunnel threads.

– After you test for the sub-tunnel
fitment and test the e-brake fitment, leave the e-brake screws holding on, we
will add more screw to hold in the new sub-tunnel, I added a screw to the front
of the tunnel as shown in these pictures,

– And another screw in the back, There is
a centering hole built in the new sub-tunnel and the body of the car, try to
line them up, lining this screw and the e-brake tells you you have a good
fitment, see these pictures,

– And another screw on the passenger side,
add as many screw tell you get he sub-tunnel it fit in nicely,

– There is a bracket that bolts between
the dash and the sub-tunnel, while your adding screws to the new sub-tunnel and
checking fitment, try to get this bracket to also align up, in my case I had to add
nuts under the bracket to make it high enough to reach the dash, see this

– Once your happy with the fitment of the
new sub-tunnel, remove all the parts, visit your home improvement store and
buy ‘Liquid Nails, Heavy Duty’ Adhesive, we will use this to seal & glue the new
sub-panel to the body, this will reduce noise, keeps the dirt out and give some
strength to the two parts that have to come together, it takes up to a week for
this stuff to become totally hard, so don’t worry about it, just give it time,
it works well!

– Cover the 6spd sub-tunnel with the
Liquid Nails Heavy Duty, be generous with it, you will for sure finish one
bottle of this stuff, now insert the sub-tunnel from under the car and screw it
with the e-brake screws and the other new screw points, see these pictures,

– I used some of the Liquid Nails Heavy
Duty to seal all the gaps from the bottom as shown here,

– Your Almost Done! this how it should
look as soon as you put in the 6spd tranny,

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