Final Answer to the RedLine D-4 Question

Mr. Lance M. Wolrab, order

you find the answer to your questions about your selecting problems,
send to Mr. Ernst and Mr. Herre. The descriptions should explain you ,
what propably had happened in your gearbox and where this failure is
related to.

an final advice, using other oils than released might be uncritical in
some cases and might bring small improvements on shiftabilaty or gear
noise in very special temperature conditions, but often other parts get
influenced and might loose there functionality (synchronizer rings,
sliding bushings, etc.). So use only the fully tested and then released
transmission oils. 

Martin Pöschl Customer Team


Problem at Toyota Supra Turbo (233 Gearbox)

Mr. Wolrab,


to your e-mail to Getrag Japan / Nagoya office, we want to explain you what
might have happened to your gearbox. On
the following picture, you see the area of the gearbox (left side of the gearbox
near to the clutch area of the housing with a snapring and a sealing plug),
where your problem should be referred to.



assume, that during the usage of the synthetic oil, the DU bushings, which
support the pin for producing the select load in gate ½, expanded and reduced
the inner diameter. The result is, that the pin can no longer move easily in
these DU-bushing. In case of fast removing the shift lever, the spring loaded
pin snaps back against its stop pin after a short period of time (metallic
sound). In case of higher temperature, the inner diameter of the aluminium
housing and the bushing increases more than the outer diameter of the select
pin, so the gearbox works properly.


back to the original oil does not “repair” the bushing, so this is not a
practical counter measure, whereas it is absolutely necessary that you use only
released oils, especially for the functionality of the synchronizer rings and
some other parts, which might suffer on the oil, as seen at your select bushing.


repair your gearbox, basically the clutch housing preassembly have to be
replaced in total to have new DU-bushings inside.


possibility to repair this failure from outside is very unlikely and you should
contact an authorised dealer.


disassembling the pin the snapring have to be removed at first. After that, the
sealing plug have to be disassembled by destroying it in the center with a small
screw driver. This part might be available in the Toyota organisation with the
part number 90 069-09001 (Getrag number 216.0.0102.00). After removing the
spring and the pin you can see the inner surface of the DU-bushing. A repair of
the bushing inside the gearbox is basically not possible and we would never try
to do such things.


if you know it already, we want to inform you, that you will loose any warranty
on the gearbox, if you try to repair it by yourself. It is the same, if you have
used or you will use unreleased oil.


hope, you have understood what might have happened to your gearbox, even we
could not provide you an easy way of repairing.


we hope you can enjoy driving your Toyota Supra Turbo with our 233 
6-speed gearbox.



Martin Pöschl   Manager
Customer Team 3



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