Fuel system upgrade with 720 injectors

Fuel System Upgrade

Big Thanks to Bryce Danna & Bruce St.


Ok, so I decided to go with a single turbo setup….now my
worry at the time was fuel…..I dont want to ever worry about running out, so I’ve
decided to upgrade the whole fuel system in my Supra.

Disclaimer: This page is for information purposes only, by viewing this web page you
agree that I am no way responsible for you screwing up your car!

This tech tip focuses on the basic install fuel system upgrade instructions.

Tools required

: You will need a good set of tools, mostly you
will be using 10, 12, & 14mm sockets & flat wrenches, screw drivers (phillips
& flat), hammer, etc, etc




bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

Here is everything you need for this bad ass
fuel system

  • (6) 720 cc injectors
  • HKS Fuel Rail
  • Paxton Inline fuel filter for turbo cars
  • Paxton Kamakaze 750 Fuel pump
  • 4ft of -10 AN highpressure hose
  • 15ft of -6 AN highpressure hose
  • (2) -6 X -6 X -6 AN T’s
  • Paxton Fuel Pressure Regulator w/ gauge
  • HKS VPC (prom for 720cc injectors) – look at my page for
    instructions on this
  • Lots of patience if your going to do this yourself!!
  • If you have the Toyota Supra repair manual,
    that will help alot too!

 720cc-need-manual.jpg (5117 bytes)

For any bolts you cant break loose, definetly
get a can of this stuff….

720cc-need-lubeXXX.jpg (5541 bytes)

Your also going to have to jack the car up on
all 4’s….or get it on a lift….

Here is an over view of the installation….


bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

Here is how this is going to work,

We are going to drill a hole in the bottom of
the tank & run a -10 to the fuel filter….

bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

From the filter we run a -10 to the fuel

bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

Now picture the rail with 1 1/2ft of -6 from
one end of the rail to the other….

bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

On this loop we are going to have TWO T’s (-6
X -6 X -6)

On one T is going to be the -6 feed from the

on the other T is going to be the FPR (fuel
pressure regulator),

From the bottom of the FPR we run a -6 to the
tank for our fuel return….

bar17.gif (1999 bytes)

printthegif.gif (15902 bytes)

supra_su.gif (5342 bytes)

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