Fuel pumps testing

Fuel Pumps


This is a chart showing the
result of the fuel pump tests
pump_test.jpg (77289 bytes)

chart available in .PDF format


Here is a shot of the dual
Walbro pumps mounted on the intank
hangar.  You can see the tee where the two pumps come together, and the
braided line from the tee going to the stock pump outlet.
DualPumps.jpg (142820 bytes)

Different view
DualPumps2.jpg (135516 bytes)

A shot of the top of the fuel
pump access hatch showing the banjo
fitting and -6an line going to the rail.
FPaccess.jpg (151622 bytes)

Dual Walbro pumps (note small
pump size), Stock MKIII pump (same
size as MKIV pump), and Python pump (unpainted).  The Python pump was
pathetic,  I didn’t even include it on the flow chart.
Pumps.jpg (130181 bytes)

Different view of
Pumps2.jpg (151054 bytes)

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