Front end popping noise cure


This is a HUGE VICTORY for me
and from what I hear I’m not alone in this search. Not
to slam to Toyota but I wonder if this should have been a recall….

The problem was a mysterious front end popping noise emanating from the
front drivers side suspension area of my 96 Auto TT.
This popping noise occurred from a standing start, hard left right turns or
even sometimes after braking hard then starting off again. This popping
noise was always most prevalent at low speeds (2-5 mph)

The confusion/ frustration starts when I started to trouble shoot my car
with only 13,000 real miles. I quickly realized that virtually this noise
could be from as many components as you could name from the Firewall

Any way after several unsuccessful dealer visits, days on jack stands, nights
laying in bed sleepless thinking what could be making the noise
a buddy and I finally figured it out.

Strangely enough it was the Drivers Side Motor Mount
The cost to replace
(installed) was $119.00 but it’s free if you have Power Train Warranty.

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To really isolate your individual problem, try the following (really)

Have a buddy to drive the car forward and back and load up the
front end by braking at about 2-3 mph fairly hard and hold the brakes hard.

Then, have him/her drive the car backward 10-15 ft and brake fairly hard
(this is not a beat the crap out of your car procedure)

Be sure to be standing next to the car and walk back and forth with the car
so that you can hear the popping noise…which by the way will most likely
be more apparent going backwards during this exercise…..

If you hear it under these conditions I would be 99% sure that its your
motor mount, especially if you have a well maintained vehicle

If you want to take it another step , take a wooden paint extender pole or
broom handle and have your buddy repeat the above braking drills ,
but on the reverse brake (where the pop should be occurring) walk with the
car and have the pole ‘square’ on the motor mount (with hood up obviously)
If you hear the POP and you have the pole in the right place you will
literally feel the POP up through your hand.

If it does vibrate crack a beer open and celebrate….

Good luck , I hope I can save someone some major headaches and time with
this experience……….because if your like me it was a little problem
that really diminished the driving experience of such an awesome car.

Now I can continue to Beat the crap out of C5’s without ‘Popping’ on launch.


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