canal supras

it or not, all I got was a black eye and 35
 stitches. I had a passenger that got out without one
 scratch. 30 of my stitches where from my escaping the
 car which landed upside down at the bottom of the canal.
 according to the tow company and the diver, the car was
 at least 10ft under. I was temporarily knocked out
 through the better half of the wreck. I swam through the
 windshield opening to get out. luckily I was wearing my
 seat belt. this car is a 94 with only 30,000mi on it. I
 only paid 23,000 and had a 5 year warranty on it. for
 the past 6 months I’ve been looking on the internet for
 one just like it. I hope these pics will add interest to your web site.
BTW, don’t ever
speed through gravel at the end of a
 road. even a supra turbo won’t stop in time!

sean01.jpg (133376 bytes)

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Another Story
suprastuck.jpg (104023 bytes)



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