Buy a Supra or Sell Your Supra

We will buy your low-mile or all-original Supra.

Sellers:  Send us the information about your Supra BEFORE trying a classifieds site.  If we don’t buy your car, we’ll try to find someone that will.

For Supra Sellers:
Email me the details about your Supra via the form below:
Year, Mileage, Price etc.

NOTE: is only seeking low-mile Supras in as close to “all original” condition as possible.

Please try our service BEFORE posting your car on Classifieds sites or Forums!

For Supra Buyers:
Email me to be placed on the “Buyers List”.  I am seeking people and companies that are serious cash buyers – who might like to learn about the cars that come in for sale.

Email me at:  ForSale at mkiv dot com to be put on the “Buyers List”.


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1997 toyota supra sales videos!
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Available 1998 colors!

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Interesting info:

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17 Responses to Buy a Supra or Sell Your Supra

  1. Aaron,

    Hey bud I just wanted to email you my Buyers List. Either myself or my company would like to buy the following Supras:

    6-speed (I am interested in auto too if under 30k miles)
    Any Color
    Stock TT
    Under 40,000

    I am really looking for a 93-98 any color supra with under 10,000 miles. If you know someone who has one like this let me know and I might offer him a deal.


    Brent C

  2. Ryan Hann says:

    I am selling my 1993.5 Supra TT red with 83 k miles I am second owner car is in excellent condition .has 18 volk racing wheels with brand new Hankook V12 tires I am asking 30,000 u won’t find one nicer.

  3. Paul Shaderowfsky says:

    I have a 1998 Supra (stock) for sale. VERY low miles (63,000). Cannot get to your sellers’ link. Help!

  4. Keith Simpson says:


    My name is Keith Simpson. I’m interested in selling my Supra. Below are the details…

    Black outside/ Peanut butter leather seats
    Miles: 23,509
    Price: $40,000.00

    Photos are available at request. Please let me know if you have an interested buyer.

    Thank you,

  5. Jose A Orench says:

    I may be selling my 1998 Red Supra Turbo with Targa top and black interior. It has 37K original miles, no accidents. The only original part I don’t have is the factory airbox. Have not decided on a price yet.

  6. Tim says:

    Looking to pick up a TT 6 speed preferably white silver black or blue. Cash in hand

  7. Julius says:

    I have a on original 1994 black MKIV twin turbo , targa top, auto, ever modified with about 140K miles. Original paint, radio and tan leather seat. Always garaged, although there are previous hail dings when it was owned by the previous owner. I am the econd owner since 2000, and driven ano more than 1000 miles/year. Curent registration and inspection. Have been thinking of selling it as I am now retired and have another car for my daily need. Looking to get around $23K. Anyone insterested?

  8. Jeffrey Vander Velde says:

    I have a 1998 Supra with less than 25,000 original miles for sale
    blue all original equipment
    inside in great shape
    garage kept

  9. Chris says:

    I’m wondering where I can find a 93 to 95 automatic transmission left hand drive supra mk4 with targa top standard engine or twin turbo doesn’t matter .hoping to find an insurance wreck or a salvage carn somewhere In junkyard or scrap yard that can be worked on over time as I don’t have 20 to 40000 to spend on this car for my son’s birthday

  10. bill says:

    I have a 95 tt 6spd silver on black, bpu intake greddy, exhaust trd, greddy turbo timer, volk 18″ rims, greddy springs, koni adj. shocks, easily converted back to totally stock, but these bpus are mild and only improve the cars performance and driveability. $50k

  11. Don Andrews says:

    Your seller form link is pulling a 404 not found error.
    I am interested in seeing an offer on my 1993 twin turbo, premier edition, completely stock, well cared for Mkiv. 75k miles. No fin. No T top. No dents. Never raced. Garaged most of its life.

  12. Alejandro says:

    I’m selling a 1996 toyota supra TT. The car is at local custom brokers in my country Costa Rica.

    All original condition

    around 95691 miles

    Manual RZ-s with original aero kit

    Japan import

  13. Alejandro says:

    Sorry, I’m not a spamer. I just send the form two times : P

  14. Samuel jordan says:

    Have a 1993 twin turbo targa 46,000miles only speakers and amplifier jl and gtr rims 19inch also have stock wheels with good tires the car is red and an automatic transmission this car is like a 9 out of 10 looking to get 46,000

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