Blueprinting a 1000hp 2JZGTE Motor

Owning a fourth generation Toyota Supra comes with its own ups and downs.  Most owners find themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to modifications.  Due to the extensive power potential of this platform, it becomes difficult to hold back and limit oneself to a few simple modifications.  If you’ve ever owned one of these fabulous vehicles and answered someone’s horsepower question with “Oh, I make about 450 or so…”, I’m sure their response would be:  “Why aren’t you making 1000!”.

So then the quest for more power begins, and before you know it, you end up reaching the limitations of this stout motor.  Some folks blow their motor to pieces, others spin bearings, and yet others rebuild their motor right from the start.   In my case, I was rather lucky.  Having dynoed nearly 800 whp at 28 pounds of boost and nearly three years of constant abuse on an otherwise unopened motor, its time was due and catastrophe occurred.

It started with a sound, the all familiar knock sound one hears while revving the engine.  After dozens of checks for the source, no apparent signs of damage were seen.  Heck, she still ran fine on the road!  I decided to tear her down and investigate.  That was when I found six lovely bananas (Where is the violin!):

It happened one lovely afternoon when I decided to raise the boost to 34 Psi. I reckon she was near 850 whp, but that is only speculation. She pulled very hard, and I remember feeling a slight hesitation, but thought nothing of it. It was quite possible they were already bent from previous endeavours. It was time. Time to take on a new challenge and build it better, stronger and faster. Unfortunately, being hands on like myself has its drawbacks. I have issues with the outside world when it comes to my baby. Leaving her in the hands of mechanics sends shivers down my spine. It was time to face this rebuild myself.

Follow along as I build a motor from the ground up, hoping to prepare for a

marvelous 1000 whp beast!


Preparing For Surgery

Motor Teardown and Inspection (Coming soon…)

3 Responses to Blueprinting a 1000hp 2JZGTE Motor

  1. Mario says:

    Will be following this with interest! Any idea on specs yet?

  2. Phil says:

    You don’t need to blueprint a 2jz-gte for 1000hp…it’ll do that bone stock (other than perhaps a bit of head porting). In fact, Toyota’s quality control processes are so good that their oem tolerances are already within blueprint specs.

    Now, if you were talking a 1500rwhp stroker, then sure let’s blueprint.

  3. Andre C says:

    Not so. You should ALWAYS blueprint a motor. Machinists make mistakes in engine block prep, custom aftermarket parts (pistons, rods, bearings) can have erroneous sizes, and even Toyota makes mistakes. Not worth taking chances in assembling a motor for any horsepower.

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