Aluminum oem gauge bezels

Toyota Supra
OEM Aluminum Bezels

got these bezels via third person and they cost me about $125 shipped
from Japan. These are OEM bezels and have glue on the back, so u just peel off
the cover and stick them on. One of my bezels isn’t sticking properly so I
might have to use some extra glue. However I also noticed that its hard for
the bezels to stick where the dash pieces join together. 


  1. Clean the dash with
    an alcohol swab.

  2. Stick where the dash
    meet together first.

Took just few minutes.

Yasir (


Part #: (08172-14020) 
OEM Part.jpg (107289 bytes)

MVC-008S.JPG (113326 bytes)  
MVC-010S.JPG (93595 bytes)

Front.jpg (107140 bytes)  
Back.jpg (196591 bytes)

MVC-004S.JPG (228164 bytes)  
MVC-005S.JPG (199895 bytes)

dsc01231.jpg (54212 bytes)



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