2jz-gte boat

Garth’s Marathon
*with a 2JZ-GTE Motor

Finally got some pics of
Garth’s marathon boat. The news is
that the development program is on target for the World Jet Boat Marathon
Champs later this year.
The water to air intercooler you see isn’t big enough. After 5 min’s running
the throttle body temps settles out at 170deg C,.
Any road going intercooler equations go out the window with this baby. It
sits on 16psi or what he sets it at, all the time its racing.
Think of 30min’s plus on 16psi.
More as I get it.

Hi all,
         for those boating
fans; here are 2 clips from this mornings paper. Garth McMaster in “D” Class
with a 2JZ-GTE powered jet is second over all behind the reigning world champ
Spencer King from Canada.
The Spencer King 9.3L Chevy
motor is rumored to be up around 1200bhp. Last weekend a chopper flying at 120
knots (about 240 kmh) across a lake filming a promo could not keep pace with
the King boat.
They race on two more rivers
today and tomorrow. I know of 3 blown V8’s already in this series; so as long
as Garth hangs in there, he still has a chance on reliability.






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